Limestone – Cleaning and Sealing

Limestone is reputed in the international market for its premium quality, toughness and durability. It is often the preferred choice for interior and exterior in both commercial and domestic for flooring, wall cladding, paving and facades of buildings, railway stations, pavement, landscaping and garden stone.

Limestone Maintenance

Limestone Tile Before Restoration Limestone Tile After Restoration
Limestone Tiled Floor Bridlington Before Burnishing Limestone Tiled Floor Bridlington After Burnishing

Mix Remove and Go 50/50 with Nanotech Ultra Clean and leave in place for an hour before scrubbing and rinsing the floor with water. You may need to hire a Wet Vac machine to soak up the excess residue, then scrub and rinse with water again, cleaning the grout lines as you go.

Remove any cleaning solution using a wet-dry vac machine (any cleaning solution left on the surface may impact the performance of the sealer) then neutralise floor with clean water prior to sealing, remove with a wet-dry Vac machine and allow to dry overnight.

Alternatively if you have the use of a 350 RPM (or higher) buffing machine use a Red Twister pad to take off the Old sealer and ground in dirt, add water to the area and then go over each Tile 3 or 4 times, then remove the dirty water using a Vac machine and rinse the floor. Next take off the Red pad and apply a White Twister pad, repeat the process with this pad followed by the Yellow Twister Pad, remove the water with a Vac machine and then finally complete the polishing by applying a Green Twister Pad and polish with a squirt of water. When polishing is complete proceed to clean the grout.

When the floor is fully dry apply 2 coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow enhancing sealer using a clean dry terry cloth (not the fluffy variety). Rub Sealant into the tile. Allow to dry before applying a second coat. Use a water test to achieve full cure sealability (F.C.S.).

For regular cleaning use a sealer friendly cleaning product such as Neutral Tile Cleaner which has been especially formulated for the regular cleaning of Sealed Stone and Tile surfaces keeping them fresh with a pleasant mint scent.

PLEASE NOTE: Most sealers break down after 2-3 years (depending on usage) and will need to be re-applied.

Tile Doctor Neutral Cleaner Tile Doctor Remove and Go Tile Doctor Nanotech Ultra-Clean Tile Doctor Colour Grow
Polishing Blue Moleanos Limestone Floor in Yorkshire
Blue Moleanos Limestone Floor Before Cleaning in Ripley Blue Moleanos Limestone Floor After Polishing in Ripley
Polishing Limestone Bathroom Floor Tiles
Limestone Bathroom Floor Merchiston before Limestone Bathroom Floor Merchiston after
Removing Limescale From Limestone Tiles
Black Limestone Shower Cubicle Before Cleaning Everdon Vilage Black Limestone Shower Cubicle After Cleaning Everdon Vilage
Maintaining the Appearance of Polished Limestone in Northamptonshire
Polished Limestone Floor Before Cleaning Ashton Village Polished Limestone Floor Ater Cleaning Ashton Village
Restoring the Polish on a Limestone Floor
Limestone Tiled Floor Before Cleaning and Polishing in Esher Limestone Tiled Floor After Cleaning and Polishing in Esher
Removing Acid Etching from Polished Limestone
Polished Limestone Office Floor Before Refinishing in Maulden Closeup Polished Limestone Office Floor After Refinishing in Maulden Closeup
Poorly Sealed Limestone Kitchen Tiles Restored
Limestone Tiled Floor Before Cleaning in Bridgwater Limestone Tiled Floor After Cleaning in Bridgwater
Cracked Limestone Floor Repaired and Polished
Limestone floor before cleaning in Hornchurch Limestone floor after cleaning in Hornchurch
Dealing with Grout Haze on a New Black Limestone Floor
Black limestone floor wixams before cleaning Black limestone floor wixams after sealing
Dull Limestone Tiles Brought Back to Life with Burnishing
Limestone tiled floor before burnishing Peel Green Limestone tiled floor after burnishing Peel Green
Limestone Kitchen Floor Polished
Limestone floor during cleaning Lyndhurst New Forest
Dirty Bath Stone Cill’s Deep Cleaned
Bathstone pillar before cleaning Cardiff Bathstone window cills after cleaning Cardiff
Green Indian Limestone Patio Treated for Heavy Staining
Indian limestone patio Windermere before cleaning Indian limestone patio Windermere after cleaning
Burnishing and Sealing Works Wonders for Limestone Tiles
Cream limestone floor before cleaning Harrogate Cream limestone floor after cleaning Harrogate
Dirty White Limestone Tiles Restored Through Burnishing
White Limestone Floor Before Cleaning in Knaresborough White Limestone Floor After Cleaning in Knaresborough
Limestone Kitchen Floor and Shower Tiles Refinished
Limestone Shower Tiles Before Cleaning Wandsworth Limestone Shower Tiles After Cleaning Wandsworth
Grey Limestone tiled floor Polished and Sealed
Grey Limestone Floor Before Cleaning Barton Grey Limestone Floor After Cleaning Barton
Large Area of Limestone Tiled Flooring Burnished
Polished Limestone Floor After Being Maintained in Uckfield Polished Limestone Floor After Being Maintained in Uckfield
Flood Damaged Jura Limestone Floor Restored
Jura Limestone Before Burnishing Kirkby Londsdale Jura Limestone After Burnishing Kirkby Londsdale
Heavily Worn Polished Limestone Floor Restored
Polished Limestone Before Burnishing Cowbridge Polished Limestone After Burnishing Cowbridge
Refinishing a Limestone Table Top
Limestone Table Before Refinishing Edinburgh City Limestone Table After Refinishing Edinburgh City
Poorly Sealed Limestone Tiled Floor
Limestone Tiles Kislingbury Before Cleaning Limestone Tiles Kislingbury After Cleaning
Removing Stains from Stone
Limestone Tiled Conservatory Grafton Underwood Before Cleaning Limestone Tiled Conservatory Grafton Underwood After Polishing
Limestone Floor Before Cleaning Maidenhead Limestone Floor After Cleaning Maidenhead
Deep Cleaning a Filthy Limestone Tiled Kitchen
 Imported Hard Magnesium Limestone Before Imported Hard Magnesium Limestone After
Imported Hard Magnesium Limestone Restoration
Limestone Floor Before Limestone Floor After
Limestone Floor Cleaned and Sealed

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