Restoration of Limestone Floor in a Kitchen

Details below of a Limestone tiled floor clean, polish and seal job we completed recently for a client in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. It’s quite common for a Limestone floor to loose it’s polished appearance over time and start to look dull and dirty and this floor was no different.

Limestone Tiled Floor Before

Stripping the Limestone Tiled Floor

To resolve we had to stripped back the Limestone surface using a set of burnishing pads, these diamond encrusted pads come in a number of different colours each one does a different job from scrubbing to polishing. I started with the red pad together with a little water and this does the job of stripping back the surface of the floor removing any dirt and seal in the process. We then cleaned the grout lines by soaking them in Tile Doctor Pro-Clean which is an effective alkaline cleaning product which we worked in with a stiff brush by hand; when we were happy with the results the soiled cleaning solution was removed with a wet vacuum and the floor washed with clean water.

The next step was to begin the polishing process by using applying the white, then yellow pad again in conjunction with a little water. Finally when I had dried the floor I used a green pad to buff the floor up. This activity took most of the day so left the floor to dry overnight.

Sealing the Limestone Floor

The next morning I arrived to find the floor had dried out enough for me to seal it which was done using a couple of coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is a great sealer that impregnates into the stone and lifts the natural colours in the Limestone floor as well as providing stain protection. Once the sealer had dried I then finished it all off with a quick buff using a white buffing pad.

Limestone Tiled Floor After

Hopefully you can appreciate the difference in the photographs above.
Source: Maintaining Limestone Floor